Radon Barriers and Thermal Insulation

In order to protect a building from radon, a dangerous radioactive gas capable of exposing individuals to background radiation and linked to cases of lung cancer, a radon barrier is needed. These kinds of barriers are most effective when installed across the ground floor or on the walls, protecting the building from possible radon leaks and avoiding the inhalation of the gas.

There are different ways to install a radon barrier. A passive system would include the installation of a floor barrier, avoiding the buildup of gases from the ground, although a more active system would rely on the use of extraction systems or on the installation of a powerful ventilation system around the building. The former method is the most effective and cost-efficient one, taking into account all the advantages of thermal insulation. This is discussed on our wall insulation page.

To correctly install a radon barrier with thermal insulation it is very important to be aware of the necessity of creating a perfect seal in order to avoid any kind of gas leaks. Radon can enter building either by leaking into walls, from the water supply or using cracks and gaps in solid floors, so it’s imperative to check for openings in the foundations of the buildings, especially in old ones.

It’s also important to take into account that according to the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland, 33 per cent of the country has been classified as a ‘High Radon Area’, with 12 per cent of houses in direct danger of radon exposure. Since 1997, Ireland has approved a series of regulations requiring new buildings to install mechanism to extract radon gas or installing membranes that allow thermal isolation. Most of new houses are being designed with the threat of radon gas in mind, but there is still a long way to go until every building in the country is safe from this menace.

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