Reduce Condensation with Roof Insulation

The lack of breathability and also the build up of water vapour inside the buildings will not only cause dampness and structural failure but also contributes to the sick building syndrome. One of the major challenges facing us is to prevent buildings from condensation during the winter and the rainy seasons. Condensation is very likely to be noticeable in the cold weather. So, it becomes very important to stick to the procedures which can prevent or reduce the risk of condensation.

Most opt for various methods to reduce the risk of condensation on the roof. Ballytherm Insulation board is ideal for forming warm pitched roofs. In a new build the roof insulation is fitted over and between the rafters or between and beneath the rafters. However, in refurbishment projects the roof insulation is installed from inside the loft to upgrade thermal performance without disturbing the existing roof covering.

  • • Insulating a roof is a simple procedure and can increase the energy efficiency.
  • • Roof insulation helps in reduction of the electricity bills and also reduces the heat loss.
  • • Insulating a building can reduce the carbon emission of their property by more than 50%.
  • • Having roof insulation can add value to the property.

Other Benefits of Roof Insulation

  • • Stops and prevents rain water from leaking through the walls and the roof.
  • • It also absorbs and blocks out the unpleasant sounds.
  • • It can be applied without much work force and stress.
  • • Proper insulation also helps to the life span of the property and prevents condensation.

Ballytherm Insulation board is ideal for roof insulation.
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