What is the Advantage of Foil Faced Insulation?

Using Foil Faced Insulation can be an excellent way of storing and increasing the amount of heat in a house that may need an extra boost in warmth. It can also be used to cut down on utility bills and even make for a cooler house in the summer. It is normally built in an attic area and should be used in a space that contains a frame that the foil can be attached to. The foil reflects the heat back into the attic space and keeps it stored in this area. This then begins to heat the entire house from the top down. Foil can also be used on certain areas of a house that may become over heated during warmer periods of the year. These areas can have foil placed on the outside of the building and will reflect the light away from the spaces that get over-heated within the property.

Ballytherm High Performance PIR Wall Insulation Slabs are foil faced insulation

By using thermal insulation, users can generate heat and warm a building considerably for no extra cost. This in turn will cut down on utility bills and will be kinder to the environment. A large range of materials exist now that all have varying levels of insulation. These can be used in different combinations to form well insulated interiors. The Foil faced insulation method takes several of the best insulation materials and combines them in a cost effective way.

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foil faced insulation

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