Infrared Thermal-imaging Cameras to Detect Heat Loss

It has been estimated that, in a typical UK home, more than 25% of heat is lost via the roof, with another 30% disappearing through the walls and nearly 20% through the windows. Draughts and ventilation also cause additional energy leakage. However, every premises is
different, and it is important to find out exactly where heat loss is occurring in any particular premises before deciding on thermal insulation measures to improve energy efficiency.

The best way to pin-point areas of a building where heat is being lost is to use infrared thermal-imaging cameras, which are capable of effectively scanning a house from outside. These state-of-the-art devices can be operated similarly to digital cameras, and will instantly find problems such as lack of thermal insulation material in the roof, cracks in walls or gaps around windows where warm air is leaking out.

Different colours in the image will alert you to whether any area of the building is too cold or moist, while also highlighting any hot-spots, for instance where a light fitting is overheating. Many of the problems which an infrared camera can pick up could not otherwise be spotted without time-consuming and invasive tests.

Once thermal-imaging cameras have been used to find any problems on a building site, the data can quickly be downloaded and analysed. Using the images, it will be far easier to decide what measures are needed to build energy efficiency into your construction project, and satisfy both your customers and the regulators.

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Thermal insulation

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