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Ballytherm Receives an A+ BRE Rating for Green Products

Following a BREEAM assessment, Ballytherm is delighted to have been awarded a rating of A+ for its products in a prestigious Green Guide, the BRE GreenBookLive A BREEAM assessment uses recognised measures of performance, which are set against established benchmarks, to evaluate a product within a building specification, design, construction and use....

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Thermal Insulation for Ground Bearing and Suspended Floors

Heating is important and many buildings struggle to keep the heat inside during winter. One solution is to put thermal insulation on both sides, above and below, of the floor slabs. This ensures that the thermal mass is excluded from the insulation from above and included in the insulation from below and helps in maintaining the proper temperature in the buildings during winter. It also makes it easier to heat up the building....

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A Guide to Attic Insulation

Installing attic insulation is usually straightforward but there are some thing we need to be aware of. Installing attic insulation correctly is very important. Incorrect or incompetent installation can make the insulating process much less effective, rendering the whole exercise somewhat pointless. While many issues can affect insulation, there are some basic errors which must always be avoided....

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Infrared Thermal-imaging Cameras to Detect Heat Loss

It has been estimated that, in a typical UK home, more than 25% of heat is lost via the roof, with another 30% disappearing through the walls and nearly 20% through the windows. Draughts and ventilation also cause additional energy leakage. However, every premises is different, and it is important to find out exactly where heat loss is occurring in any particular premises before deciding on thermal insulation measures to improve energy efficiency....

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