BIM at Ballytherm

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process that involves the generation and management of digital representations of physical structures.At Ballytherm we believe that BIM is the future. It makes the lives of engineers, builders and architect infinitely easier as designs, costs and construction processes can all be coordinated and accessed. Information is stored in a central location which means that sharing is easier and more effective. All of this means that error and wastage are eliminated.

BIM uses technology that enables users to get a clear view of both the interior and exterior of a design. As well as this, it makes it possible for all parties to access automatically synchronised information about the project from the schedule to the materials used. Not only does this ensure client satisfaction, it also helps generate high provides and improves team productivity.

The government in the UK is implementing a construction strategy which will see BIM becoming a key part of the government’s procurement policy. By 2016 Model Based BIM will be mandatory on all Public Sector Projects. It is hoped that this new strategy will reduce capital costs and reduce Carbon Dioxide creation from large construction projects.

We have adopted BIM as it is purpose built to drive efficiency; something we right highly.
At Ballytherm we are aware that contracts, architects and engineers are detail oriented therefore we think it is essential to use BIM tools.

Our designs are uploaded to a BIM library and we currently employ BIM tools for Computer Aided Design and Manufacture as well as communication with clients and designers. This is to help you run a smoother, more successful project.

Use of BIM gives construction project managers the chance to create a workflow and an optimised overall system which will in turn manage change, avoid delays and rationalize design, logistics and manufacture.

If you have any questions about BIM or about our designs, please do not hesitate to contact us on +353 (0)4995 27000 or by filling out our contact form.

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