Insulating Below A Groundbearing Slab

“…is well suited to new build and refurbishment projects where a timber floor is to be replaced by a concrete floor…” 

Insulating below the slab of a ground bearing floor includes the slabs thermal mass in the insulation envelope. This in turn maintains an even temperature in the building.

This underfloor insulation is suitable in those buildings which require continuous heating and works well with masonry wall construction and below floor heating.

Underfloor insulation is appropriate in new building construction as well as situations where a wooden floor is being replaced with concrete flooring.

Ballytherm below floor insulation meets the requirements for this application. It is durable and resistant to moisture; additionally, with low thermal conductivity, the insulation thickness required is reduced.

To determine how thick your Ballytherm below floor insulation needs to be to meet regulations, consult this Table 4.

Table 4

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