Insulating Above And Between The Rafters

“…is well suited to new build projects and to refurbishments…”

Ballytherm insulation can be used on both newly built projects and renovations when the roof is being stripped and replaced. By applying Ballytherm above the rafters the whole roof is within the insulated envelope and it forms a warm pitched roof.

It is perfect for this type of insulation because its low thermal conductivity does not require the normal thickness of insulation, it is strong enough to carry a heavy load and the reflective layer of the insulation improves the thermal performance by reducing radiation heat loss across the whole space.

Installation of Ballytherm should be completed in a two-step process. The first layer is a continuous layer that is just above the rafters and held in place with counter-battens. The second layer should be fit-to-size and placed in between the rafters with battens or clips to keep it stationary. Table 10 sets out the desired thickness of insulation.

Table 10

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