Insulation Above And Between The Rafters – Sitework

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Points To Watch

It is important that when you are working at an elevated height that all appropriate safety precautions are being followed and never walk on the Ballytherm boards.

When working from the outside, first fit the battens to the side of the rafters, this secures the between rafters roof insulation. Cut the Ballytherm insulation so it fits snugly in between the rafters and set the insulation on the battens. Then put a stop batten at the end of the rafters.

Next, lay the first row of Ballytherm insulation boards across the rafters and fix in place. Then you will lay your next layer of Ballytherm (make sure to stagger the board junctions in between the rows) and secure your counter battens to the rafters.

To finish just lay down the underlay and then install whatever roof covering you have decided to use. Remember to cut the Ballytherm boards to fit tightly around any protrusions (such as SVPs) and always seal both gaps and joints with expandable foam.

More Information

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