Insulating Between And Below The Rafters

“…is well suited to projects where the roof covering is being stripped off and replaced…”

A home that has an attic may be cold during the winter. This can lead to heat loss and increased energy costs. The answer to this problem is to install Ballytherm insulation, a product that can be used both below and between the rafters as below roof insulation, to create a barrier when installed both below and between the rafters.

The placement of the attic insulation below the roof allows for installation from the inside. If the roof on a home will be replaced during a renovation, then this is a good time to install Ballytherm insulation. The installation will involve the use of two layers. The first layer is installed between the rafters and the second layer is installed under the rafters. These are used to secure the insulation to the rafters. Table 11 sets out the desired thickness of insulation.

Table 11

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