Insulation Between And Below The Rafters – Sitework

roof insulation

Points to watch

When working at a height ensure risk assessments have been carried out and that all necessary protective measures are in place. Do not walk on Ballytherm boards nor use them as a working platform. Cut boards neatly to fit around any protrusion.

Installation procedure (working from inside the roof)

  1. Fix timber battens to the sides of the rafters so the space below reflects the size of the Ballytherm insulation boards
  2. Using a knife or small saw, bring boards to required size and, working from the eaves towards the ridge, put the boards into place, pushing them against the battens
  3. Set Ballytherm boards across the underside of the rafters in a continuous layer, using the battens to make sure they are fixed in place.
  4. Tape board joints with Ballytherm metalised tape
  5. Install plasterboard or desired finish onto the battens and complete the face.

More information

More information is readily available from Ballytherm Trading Ltd. Contact us at 0800 644 6900, email us at or use our contact form.

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