Drylined Wall Insulation

Insulating drylined walls

Thermal Performance

Installing Ballytherm Insulation on the reverse side of plasterboard can enhance a walls thermal performance. Such a technique is ideal for improvement projects involving walls already in place that need to be refurbished and brought up to present day standards. Ballytherm Insulation’s components suit the requirements for such a project and with its low thermal conductivity minimises the thickness of insulation required

The Ballytherm insulation boards can be installed on the reverse side of existing plasterboard and held in place by the plasterboard fixings. In another approach the boards can be held in place with timber battens that are fixed through to the wall. It’s necessary to attach the plasterboard to the battens in order to leave gaps in between the plasterboard and the insulation.

The board’s reflective finish cuts heat loss caused by radiation across air spaces, as well as enhancing the wall’s thermal performance. The dimensions of Ballytherm Insulation necessary to comply with regulations can be found in this Table 9.

Table 9

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